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Prey - Thomas Emson
This is the second Thomas Emson novel that I've read. Indeed, the final chapter of the "Maneater" series featuring the werewolf Laura Greenacre. No doubt about it, Emson knows how to engage readers with a thrilling, intense drama that gives one the feeling of being on a rocketing, roller-coaster ride.

Here's a brief rundown of events in this novel. It is 2007 and Ruth Templeton has emerged from prison after serving an 8-year sentence for kidnapping. She was once part of a family --- the Templetons --- who commanded considerable power, wealth, and influence in the UK for the past several centuries. Ruth had lost her son, and is set on exacting her revenge on Laura Greenacre and John Thorn, the former policeman who had once been in charge of the security detail for her late brother, Sir Adam Templeton. She holds them both responsible for her beloved son's death. To this end, she goes to Moscow to seek out Lawrence Proctor, a doctor on the run from Britain for sex crimes, to inject her with a vial of Laura's blood that he had painstakingly collected back in the UK (the reader of this review is free to read the first novel of the series, "MANEATER: A Werewolf's Tale" for the particulars).

There had been an age's old enmity between the Greenacres and Templetons, both of whom were lycanthropes. That is to say, werewolves since time out of mind. But as western civilization extended itself beyond Greece and Rome and both families migrated across Europe, the Templetons eschewed their ancient power, suppressing it by dispersing their gene pool from generation to generation til they could no longer transform at will into werewolves. For the Templetons, this was part of a carefully calculated bid for power and wealth among civilized societies. (As for the Greenacres, they clung to their ancient power. But they were never free from the Templetons, who hunted them down through the ages whenever possible. Leaving Laura as the last of the Greenacres.)

As a result of the injection of Laura's blood, Ruth now has the power to become a werewolf herself. Glorying in her newborn power, Ruth embarks on a killing spree across Europe designed to bring Laura Greenacre out of the shadows. For she has seemingly disappeared without a trace --- both she and John Thorn --- over the previous 8 years. Rather than elaborate further, I invite the reader of this review to take up "PREY" for him/herself and take pleasure in an exciting, heartstopping, cinematic story. It's a journey the reader will delight in up to the final page.