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Pilgrim State - Jacqueline Walker

This book is both a tribute and a homage by the author to her mother, Dorothy Brown (1915-1965), a Jamaican who had come to the U.S on scholarship (to study medicine) in 1944, married, had 2 children, divorced, and was placed under psychiatric counselling and treatment (on the recommendation of the ex-husband, who was a rather vindictive and controlling man) at 'Pilgrim State' in Brentwood, NY --- so named because in its time, the center was the largest hospital in the world. Dorothy was released from Pilgrim State, lived for a time in New York, where she met the man who became the author's father. But her stay in the U.S. was not to be permanent. Despite Dorothy's efforts to make a better life for herself and her 3 children, she was judged by the U.S. as "not of sound character" and deported to Jamaica with 2 of her children (the oldest was placed in the custody of the ex-husband) in 1956.

The author writes lovingly of a mother of wide-ranging ambitions, a fierce intelligence, and boundless love and devotion for her children. Despite all the challenges and obstacles placed before her, Dorothy travelled to Canada to work and save money for a year and a half so that she and her children could emigrate to Britain, which they did in 1959.

Here is a richly inspirational story that will touch the heart of any reader who believes in the power of love.