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EDWARD LINDSAY - Last of the "Red Devils"

Last of the Red Devils - Frank Joseph

The author, Frank Joseph, was fortunate enough in 1984 to engage in a series of taped interviews with the last surviving American bomber pilot of the First World War, Lieutenant Edward Lindsay of the 96th Aero Squadron. The 96th Aero Squadron, nicknamed the "Red Devils" for the insignia it bore on the fuselage of their sturdy, robust Breguet 2-seat bombers, saw action on the Western Front from June to the war's end in November 1918. Lindsay (who received some initial flight instruction in the U.S. in 1917) was mainly trained by the French and saw considerable combat over France during the summer and autumn of 1918. This book also sheds light on Lindsay's postwar experiences.


'LAST OF THE RED DEVILS: America's First Bomber Pilot' gave me a better appreciation for the men and women who served in the First World War. An era as distant to us today as the Hundred Years War. Yet an era more deserving of our understanding.