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An Age of License - Lucy Knisley

Lucy Knisley, I finished reading your graphic travelogue a short time ago and -   I LOVED IT.  


"AN AGE OF LICENSE: A Travelogue" captures so well and so eloquently the life of a "millenial Woman" in her 20s who is in the process of defining herself and her relationship to her peers, family, colleagues, and the world at large.    Lucy is living in her own apartment (with her cat) in New York, struggling to ekk out a career for herself as an artist when she has an opportunity in September 2011 to visit Europe.   She travels to Norway (where she is able to share her artistic talent with schoolchildren and fellow artists, as well as learn various aspects of Norwegian culture), Sweden (where she hooks up with her Swedish boyfriend Henrik - holder of a PhD in mathematics - whom she had met in New York some time earlier), Berlin (where she and Henrik spent quality time together),  and France (where she hooks up with an old friend, as well as her mother and friends; later, she and Henrik spent several days together in Paris) before returning to New York.         All in all, this is a DELIGHTFUL BOOK with truly impressive drawings.    (I say that as someone who occasionally makes sketches for relaxation.)


By the way, there's a special meaning behind the title "AN AGE OF LICENSE."   But I'll leave it to you, reader of this review, should you opt to read this book, to find out for yourself.