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Squadron Scramble - Robert Jackson

"Squadron Scramble" takes up where "Hurricane Squadron" left off. The time is now early summer 1940. No. 505 Squadron --- with which George Yeoman received his baptism of fire in the Battle of France --- is now in Britain, where it has been re-equipped with Spitfires and its pilots have been fully trained to fly them in combat. Anticipation is rife in the squadron that the Luftwaffe, now largely confined to attacking British shipping in the Channel, will turn to attacking Britain proper, with the objective of destroying the Royal Air Force (RAF) and paving the way for the Germans to invade Britain itself.

The book is rich in conveying the full details of the air combat that raged over Britain throughout the summer and early autumn of 1940. George Yeoman survives a number of close-calls, sadly loses some comrades in battle, and serves for a time on special assignment with a Polish squadron flying Hurricanes. Never a dull moment here.


"Squadron Scramble" conveys the full scope of war in terms of the struggle for survival, the blossoming of romance, and the atmosphere of daily life in a nation at war. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.