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Target Tobruk: Yeoman in the Western Desert - Robert Jackson

In "TARGET TOBRUK", George Yeoman, whom we first met as a greenhorn fighter pilot in 'Hurricane Squadron', is now a full-blooded ace and combat veteran. The time is April 1941 and Yeoman has been assigned to a fighter squadron in North Africa, where British and Commonwealth forces are locked in a great battle with German and Italian forces for control of the Mediterranean Sea and its surrounding land masses. The fighting is often desperate, for Britain is still very much fighting for its survival. To that end, Yeoman, after flying a number of close support missions, strafing Axis troops and installations, is ordered into Tobruk, a key port stoutly defended by mainly Australian forces, though surrounded by German forces set on capturing it. His task: to fly tactical reconnaissance missions deep inside enemy territory in a Hawker Hurricane fighter.


As with the other books in the Yeoman Series, this one has plenty of heart-stopping action and adventure. His subsequent experiences take him to the island of Crete, in a vain attempt to stop the German juggernaut from overrunning it and thus establishing its dominance over the Eastern Mediterranean. Any reader in search of a story to thoroughly enthrall the imagination will savor reading "TARGET TOBRUK."