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Jagdverband  44: Squadron of Experten - Robert Forsyth

Osprey Publishing has produced a richly fascinating book about a most unique German fighter unit --- Jagdverband 44 (JV 44) -- that was created in February 1945 "amidst political dissent within the leadership of the Luftwaffe."  Its commander was Adolf Galland, the youngest general officer in the German military, distinguished fighter ace, and General of the Jagdwaffe (Fighter Arm) until his dismissal in January 1945.    Galland's goal in setting up JV 44 was to prove the efficacy of the Messerschmitt ME 262 jet fighter in the purely fighter role in combat.  (The deployment of the ME 262 in combat had been delayed because of Hitler's insistence that it be used as a bomber.)    To this end, Galland recruited some of the most highly skilled and experienced fighter pilots -- officers and NCOs alike --- to fly the ME 262 in combat over Austria and Southern Germany, where JV 44 was based during  most of its 3-month existence.


This book also provides  a richly detailed history of JV 44's activities as well as lots of interesting photos and illustrations of the various unit personnel, pilots,  and aircraft.       It's a winner and for any reader wanting to know more about this "Squadron of Experts",  this is a good place from which to start.