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Arctic Bf 109 and Bf 110 Aces (Aircraft of the Aces) - John Weal, Chris Davey

This is a fascinating book about one of the Luftwaffe's lesser known fighter units (Jagdgeschwader 5 [JG 5] "Eismeer") that, for 3 years (1942-1944) fought over and provided support for German forces fighting the Soviets in the far north, on and above the Arctic Circle.


JG 5 produced some of Germany's top scoring aces, such as Heinrich Ehrler (208 victories); Walter Schuck (206 victories; I once had the pleasure of hearing Schuck speak about his combat experiences on both the Eastern and Western Fronts about 20 years ago at a WWII symposium); Theo Weissenberger (208 victories); Franz Dörr (128 victories); Heinrich Bartels (99 victories); and Rudolf "Rudi" Müller (who was shot down after scoring 94 victories in April 1943 and later shot whilst attempting to escape Soviet captivity).


As is the case with other books of this genre, Osprey offers the reader copious photos and illustrations, as well as eyewitness accounts from several of the pilots who flew with JG 5. All in all, this is a fantastic book. (What's more: the front cover art is powerfully evocative of the tensions of aerial combat.)