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Corporal Hitler and the Great War 1914-1918: The List Regiment
John F Williams
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He 162 Volksjäger Units (Combat Aircraft) - Robert Forsyth, Jim Laurier

For both its conciseness and scope, "He 162 Volksjäger Units" offers a fascinating story of the development and deployment by the Luftwaffe in combat of a remarkable jet fighter. The He 162 'Volksjäger' (People's Fighter) was developed and tested in the latter part of 1944 (continuing into the Spring of 1945) in response to a call for a fast, nimble fighter jet that would be easy to build and fly. An aircraft that would be built in the shortest amount of time with basic construction materials (both steel and wood) and also an aircraft in which Hitler Youth glider pilot trainees could be easily trained to fly in combat.


The book goes into considerable detail in showing the reader how the ideal and the reality behind the He 162 did not always coincide. Photographs and illustrations are aplenty, which will delight any aviation enthusiast and model builder. Osprey has again produced a first-rate book on an aircraft, which despite its limited combat use, incorporated features (e.g. the first ejector seat to be successfully deployed on any aircraft) that would later be adapted by a future generation of jet planes.