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A Choreographer's Cartography - Raman Mundair

In "A CHOREOGRAPHER'S CARTOGRAPHY", the Indo-British poet Raman Mundair has crafted a varied collection of poems that reflect her love for the life and language of the Shetland Islands (e.g. 'Stories fae da Shoormal'and 'Hairst Mön Hamefir') as well as poems conveying the anguish the war, "the dynamics and historical by-ways of the waltz", "the movement of people and the crossing of boundaries", in addition to the effects of thwarted passion. 

Special Note: There is a 'Notes and Translations' section in the book that provides the English translations of the poems that are written in the Shetland Islands dialect as well as the small number of Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi words scattered across 3 of the poems ('A Choreographer's Cartography', 'A Servant's Tale III', and 'Vicky and the Sikh' - which refers to the close relationship Queen Victoria had with her Sikh manservant, Harminder Singh Sahib, during the latter years of her reign).