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John F Williams
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LAUNCHING LBJ: How a Kennedy Insider Helped Define Johnson's Presidency

Launching LBJ: How a Kennedy Insider Helped Define Johnson's Presidency - Helen O'Donnell

Using a wealth of information from both written and oral histories from a variety of people who had served in the administrations of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson - including her deceased father Kenny O'Donnell who had served as President Kennedy's Chief of Staff - Helen O'Donnell has written a compelling story of the role her father played in helping LBJ secure himself in his role as President between November 22, 1963 and November 3, 1964. 

Indeed, the best selling point about "LAUNCHING LBJ: How a Kennedy Insider Helped Define Johnson's Presidency" is that it reads like a fine political thriller. The only difference here is that the story described therein of a nation struggling through a painful transition between the assassination of a beloved, martyred President and the blossoming of a new administration ---whose President assumed the Kennedy mantle by taking up and ensuring the passage into law between 1963 and 1965 of JFK's unfinished legislative agenda, while at the same time establishing his own unique brand of leadership --- was true.