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John F Williams
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BRAVE - Rose McGowan

Before reading this book, I knew of Rose McGowan from her work in the TV series 'Charmed', which I enjoyed watching from time to time. Like a lot of other famous people and celebrities whose careers I have followed vicariously over time, I gave no thought to the life she occupied outside of Hollywood. The public persona commanded my attention and held it.

Then about a month ago, I listened to an in-depth interview Rose McGowan gave to BBC Radio as a way of promoting this book. I was fascinated by her thoughts and impressions of a lot of things she talked about. So much so, that I went one day to the neighborhood library after work and borrowed their copy of "Brave." 

"Brave" is about a woman's odyssey through life with all its ups and downs, and as advertised, it is also a manifesto for the individual to begin the process - if he/she has not already - of challenging the injustices and falsehoods that continue to be heaped upon us by spoiled and privileged elites (white male privilege writ large) in the film industry and other institutions that shape the world in which we live in ways big and small. I enjoyed this book. It made me laugh at times - McGowan knows how to write and use colorful language - and it offered me ample food for thought.