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Corporal Hitler and the Great War 1914-1918: The List Regiment
John F Williams
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Bobby's Girl - Catrin Collier

"BOBBY'S GIRL" is a novel that contrasts what was the summer romance during 1968 between Penny John, a young Welsh art student in the U.S. (as part of a student exchange program with her best friend Kate) and Bobby Brosna, a 20-something American -- who turns out to be heir to an immense family fortune tightly controlled by a cruel, autocratic grandmother --- with the life 19 years later of the now nearing 40 Penny, who has managed to pick up the pieces from what had been a horrible tragedy in her life in 1968 and make a living for herself as an illustrator while raising a son largely on her own. 

The novel brings together the two time lines in Penny's life and ties up several loose ends from the past. On the whole, "BOBBY'S GIRL" is well-written and has a rather surprising ending. But it's not a novel that I would be inclined to re-read. I enjoyed the ride, but now I'm ready to seek other literary vistas. 

(The odd thing is that the title itself evoked for me the 1962 Marcie Blane song of the same name - 'BOBBY'S GIRL' --- which would run through my mind from time to time as I read this novel.)