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Solitude & Company - ¡QUE VIDA!

Solitude & Company - Silvana Paternostro

I read "SOLITUDE & COMPANY" as an 'inverted memoir' in which Silvana Paternostro very smartly compiled a biography of the Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez as told by the various personages she interviewed who knew García Márquez best, through various periods of his life, from childhood to death. Indeed, it was these people who, through their impressions of García Márquez and his various incarnations --- journalist, struggling writer, celebrated writer (following the massive success of his novel 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' in 1967), and Nobel laureate & world celebrity --- made him for me a tangible and interesting person. 

Reading this 'testimonial' has been an experience that I won't soon forget. I enjoyed it. 

("SOLITUDE & COMPANY" also contains a number of photos featuring García Márquez and the various persons in his life, as well as a few pages of biographical ''Notes on the Most Important Voices' on many of the persons Paternostro had interviewed for the book.)