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Matthew Cooper
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John F Williams
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Convoy North - Philip McCutchan

"CONVOY NORTH" chronicles the experiences of the SS Hardraw Falls, which is the flagship of one of the earliest Arctic convoys sent by Britain in late 1941 to the Soviet Union to supply it with the vital materiel and foodstuffs it needed to keep the latter country afloat in its life and death struggle against Nazi Germany.

The overall commander of the convoy aboard the SS Hardraw Falls, is Commodore Jason Kemp of the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR). In addition to the main job he has been entrusted with, Kemp is also charged with carrying out a top secret operation once the convoy has reached the waters of the North Cape. It's an operation fraught with risk that puts the SS Hardraw Falls at the mercy of German naval units and the Luftwaffe.

"CONVOY NORTH" shows Philip McCutchan's skill at conveying to the reader the hazards and daily struggles faced by the officers and seamen who bravely risked exposure on the seas above the Arctic Circle --- in addition to attacks from U-boats, German warships, and the Luftwaffe --- in the convoys to Archangel and Murmansk. I felt a distinct chill in reading this novel.