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Bristol F2 Fighter Aces of World War I - Jon Guttman

"BRISTOL F 2 FIGHTER ACES OF WORLD WAR I" offers the reader a concise history of an aircraft that, despite its initial dismal combat performance on the Western Front in April 1917 (owing to its erroneous use as a traditional 2-seater aircraft), later developed into one of the most successful combat aircraft of the war.

The Bristol F 2 was unique in that, while designed as a 2-seater aircraft for carrying out reconnaissance, photography, and bombing missions, it also had the speed and agility of a single-seat fighter with the benefit of an "extra sting in the tail" in the form of an observer armed with a twin Lewis machine gun on a swivel mount. Aside from service on the Western Front, the "Brisfit" would go on to distinguish itself in Italy and Palestine against the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Turks & Germans, respectively.

Like other Osprey books, this one is chock-full of photographs and color illustrations showing the Bristol F 2s that were flown by various pilots who "made ace" flying it in combat. Any aviation enthusiast and model airplane kit modeler will love this book.