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Inspector Cadaver - Georges Simenon As a favor to a friend (a magistrate), Maigret travels by train to a village in the Vendee to investigate a questionable death, which the community, in an apparent conspiracy of silence, has hushed up. Though kindly taken in by his friend's provincial relations, Maigret is largely accorded the silent treatment as he goes about his investigation. This is not an easy undertaking, as Maigret feels a bit out of his element in a tacitly hostile milieu. What is more: there is also a private investigator, nicknamed Cadaver, who had arrived in the village on the same train as Maigret and soon poses as an obstacle in Maigret's investigation.

This was a good story, easily readable. But I must confess, the ending left me a bit perplexed. Hence, the 3 stars. For any lover of mysteries, judge for yourself the merits of this novel.