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Corporal Hitler and the Great War 1914-1918: The List Regiment
John F Williams
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Kitty's Big Trouble (Kitty Norville #9) - Carrie Vaughn Fresh from her experience of working with male werewolves, who, while soldiers in the U.S. Army, had been traumatized by their combat experiences in Afghanistan, Kitty became curious as to whether any werewolves figured prominently in American history. So, she made a number of inquiries, one of which led her to suspect that General William Tecumseh Sherman, one of the great Civil War generals, had been a werewolf.

Utilizing her friendship with Rick, the leader of Denver's vampire family, Kitty learns, via Rick's contacts with other vampires across the country, that at least one of the famous figures from the Old West had been a vampire hunter. This excites Kitty's curiosity so much so, that she (along with her husband Ben --- who is also a werewolf --- and their mutual friend, Cormac, a man of many talents), drive over to Dodge City to explore the remnants of what had been a vampire community in the latter part of the 19th century. Unexpectedly the 3 of them are confronted by 2 male werewolves (in human form), who didn't take kindly to having their "turf" encroached on by 2 strange werewolves. (Werewolves are very territorial creatures.) So, Kitty, Ben, and Cormac wisely return to Denver --- curiosity satisfied insofar as vampires in Dodge City's past was concerned.

Late one night, Kitty receives an urgent phone call from Anastasia, an 800-year old vampire she had befriended when they had been part of a paranormal reality TV show sometime ago. Anastasia is fearful that Roman, a Master Vampire with whom both Kitty and Anatasia had separately battled in the past, may have come into possession of the Dragon's Pearl, a magical jewel that can give its user absolute and unchallenged power on a universal scale. Apparently, Roman is in Anatasia's neck of the woods --- San Francisco --- where he is quietly gathering allies in the paranormal realm (vampires and werewolves alike, who are under his total control). Kitty, though wary of another run-in with Roman, agrees to come out to San Francisco to help Anastasia find the Dragon's Pearl. Better it is, she reckoned, to take on the devil you know tout suite rather than wait til he's stronger and a more potent future threat to her and her pack.

It is at this point, that the story goes into high gear upon the arrival of Kitty, Ben, and Cormac in San Francisco. (The intrepid 3 later meet with Anastasia in Chinatown, where the "fun" begins.) The imagery is rich, vibrant, and evokes the magic and wonder of "Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon". Anyone who is a fan of the Kitty Norville Series and enjoys action-packed stories with a flair for the fantastic won't be disappointed here.