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Glamorous Powers - Susan Howatch Tonight I had the singular satisfaction of completing my reading of "GLAMOROUS POWERS." It has all the hallmarks of a well-crafted novel with a robust, engaging narrative and plot, and characters with whom the reader can easily relate.

In this novel, Jon Darrow, a 60-year Anglican priest with unique psychic powers (whom we last saw in "[b:Glittering Images|164922|Glittering Images|Susan Howatch|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320502046s/164922.jpg|450119]" where he helped a young Anglican clergyman overcome a personal spiritual crisis in 1937) has a vision which compels him to question his own commitment and place within the Fordite Order, of which he had been a part for 17 years. In the process, Darrow embarks upon a long and difficult journey which re-connects him with his past, his 2 children from a previous marriage (his wife had died many years earlier), and his role in the wider world.

This is a very well-written novel, with hardly a word wasted. I recommend it highly.