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Affairs of State - Dominique Manotti, Amanda Hopkinson, Ros Schwartz WHAT A ROLLER COASTER RIDE!!! I LOVED IT!!! This novel has all the highmarks of a taut thriller.

France 1985. The nation is on the eve of elections, scheduled for March 1986. The Socialists, after being in the political wilderness for decades, came to power in 1981. Several party members and associates occupy key positions (officially and unofficially) in the government. One of them - François Bornand, a businessman and longtime close friend of the President with a shady wartime past, is in charge of the Élysée unit, "the team of police officers and gendarmes responsible for protecting the President's security and coordinating the fight against terrorists in France."

Bornand, as a way of enhancing his own power and influence, involved himself in operations involving illegal arms shipments to Iran. A plane carrying missile shipments is mysteriously brought down over Turkey and things turn topsy-turvy. Word of the operations begins to leak out. Suspicion is placed on a young woman, a high-class prostitute who was one of Bornand's favorites from an international call-girl service in Paris he frequently used. Bornand has her tailed. She's murdered and later found by the Crime Squad. The ensuring drama grows in complexity and excitement as various other characters from the various police agencies and criminal elements come into play, both in Paris and in the Middle East. There is never a dull moment in this novel.

I leave it to the curious readers of this review to check out "Affairs of State" for themselves. Hold on tight. You won't want to let go. THIS IS A TERRIFIC STORY with much more to it beyond what I've indicated here.