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Kitty Goes to War - Carrie Vaughn Like many of the other novels making up the Kitty Norville Series, there's never a dull moment with this one. Kitty, following one of her nighttime syndicated radio shows, finds herself being sued for libel from a powerful CEO of a nationwide chain of convenience stores. He takes exception to several remarks made by callers to Kitty's show about the various strange and disturbing supernatural happenings they claimed to have experienced in many of his stores.

Kitty also receives a call from an old friend at the National Institutes of Health (Dr. Schumacher), requesting her help with 3 soldiers (all killer werewolves who served as part of an elite Army unit, whose leader or alpha, had been killed in action by an explosive device), who were traumatized by their experiences in Afghanistan.

Just when Kitty thinks she has her hands full, she comes to learn that the CEO suing her is also a powerful wizard who can control the weather in such a way as to create storms that cause catastrophic destruction over any community (e.g. New Orleans via Hurricane Katrina) or region that suits him. The CEO (Harold Franklin) is set on destroying Kitty, her pack, and all that she holds dear.

"KITTY GOES TO WAR" offers lots of suspense and heart-pounding action that'll leave the reader breathless.