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Wolf Hunt: The Napoleonic Murders - Armand Cabasson I was absolutely underwhelmed and disappointed with "WOLF HUNT". I'm a fan of Napoleonic Era fiction, and the fact that "WOLF HUNT" was also a mystery novel made me feel that I was in for a treat, because I love a well-written, engaging mystery novel, too.

"WOLF HUNT" is set in Austria in 1809. A young officer (Lukas Relmyer) in the French Army in the forest near a recently concluded battle comes across the corpse of a young man, whose face was mutilated in such a way that it bore a macabre grimace. For Relmyer, an Austrian by birth, it brings back memories from a few years earlier, when a childhood friend of his met a similar end.

Relmyer becomes obssessed by the murder and, with the help (albeit reluctantly) from a fellow officer, Captain Quentin Margont, leaves no stone unturned in his efforts to find out "whodunit."

Relmyer came across as little more than a caricature of the brooding, troubled soul, as well as a brat. I had little empathy for him. The storyline failed to captivate my full interest. I was sooo glad to finish this novel.