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Gabriela, Cravo e Canela
Jorge Amado
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Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph (The Authorized Doubleday/Doran Edition)
T.E. Lawrence
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The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve
G. Edward Griffin
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Peter the Great
Robert K. Massie
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Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader: North Korea and the Kim Dynasty
Bradley K. Martin
A Time for Trumpets: The Untold Story of the Battle of the Bulge
Charles B. MacDonald
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The German Army 1933-1945
Matthew Cooper
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Corporal Hitler and the Great War 1914-1918: The List Regiment
John F Williams
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P-40 Warhawk vs Bf 109: MTO 1942-44 - Carl Molesworth,  Jim Laurier (Illustrator),  Gareth Hector (Illustrator) Albeit a slim book, it provides interesting insights into the origins and characteristics of the P-40 Warhawk fighter (in its various variants) and the Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter, which fought against each other from the Western Desert in 1941 to Italy in the summer of 1944. By that time, the P-40 (which, despite its ruggedness and reputation as a steady gun platform, was generally outclassed by the Bf 109) was phased out in favor of the superlative P-51 Mustang.