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The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve
G. Edward Griffin
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Peter the Great
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Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader: North Korea and the Kim Dynasty
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Charles B. MacDonald
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The German Army 1933-1945
Matthew Cooper
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Corporal Hitler and the Great War 1914-1918: The List Regiment
John F Williams
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Nadya: The Wolf Chronicles - Pat Murphy In this novel the reader sees Nadya living in a world of fear, loathing and intolerance for what is deemed unseemly and inexplicable, learning to live and thrive, both as a Woman and as a Wolf. In the process, she finds acceptance in a new life she is able to establish for herself out on the frontier.

The author provides vivid descriptions of the experiences Nadya faced in making the trek westward in the 1840s. You feel yourself being carried across an arid landscape on a rickety wagon and on through the snowy Rockies (facing all kinds of hazards and overcoming them) with Nadya, Elizabeth, and Jenny.

One touching scene in the book is when Nadya as a Wolf (having been spurned earlier in the day by Elizabeth, who has never felt right about her romantic attachment to Nadya) allows herself to be mated with a male Wolf. In that moment, you experience Nadya's joy at that moment of orgasmic release as she howls ecstatically to the skies.

For those readers seeking a werewolf novel full of gore and gratuitous violence, you won't find it here. But if you want to read a well-told tale about the life and experiences of a female werewolf in 19th century America, you've come to the right place.