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Tanamera - Noel Barber "TANAMERA" is one of the best "epic" novels I've ever read. This is a novel you simply will not be able to put down! Noel Barber gives the reader a rich, earthy feel and insight into the history, culture, and development of Singapore from the late 19th century up to the late 1950s through the interconnected lives of 2 families - the Dexters and the Soongs.

Mainly "TANAMERA" is a tale of a constant and abiding love between John Dexter and Julie Soong and the struggles and pain they endure through war and separation. In reading about their lives, I felt deeply for them and the world as it was changing around them.

Barber is a consummate writer who knows his subject well. In "TANAMERA", you experience life vicariously, its ups and down, its joys and sorrows. Never a paragraph is wasted.