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Master and Commander - Patrick O'Brian Sit back in your favorite recliner and prepare yourself for an exciting adventure! Here, in the pages of "MASTER AND COMMANDER", the reader is introduced to Captain Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy and Stephen Maturin, physician, linguist, scholar, spy, and then some.

The novel begins in Port Mahon in 1800. Aubrey, for the moment, is a naval officer without a command, restless and impatient for action. (Britain and Revolutionary France are at war.) Quite by accident, he literally bumps up against Stephen Maturin and a budding friendship develops between them.

O'Brian faithfully evokes the atmosphere of those distant times. The language may seem a bit stilted and obscure. But part of O'Brian's genius as a writer is that as you read deeply into this novel, you'll soon find yourself swept along on the ebb and flow of events. All your senses will be titillated.

Besides Aubrey and Maturin, O'Brian creates here a variety of richly textured characters who bring vividly forth the ambience of wartime shipboard life in the Age of Sail.

So, if you're looking for a thoroughly engaging and captivating story, "MASTER AND COMMANDER" is it! Highly recommended.