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Jagdgeschwader 2 'Richthofen' - John Weal This book offers a first-class treatment of Jagdgeschwader 2 'Richthofen'.

Mr. Weal shows here that he has a comprehensive grasp of the Luftwaffe organizational networks and operations. For instance, in the earlier part of this book, Mr. Weal offers a fascinating summary of the development of the prewar Luftwaffe fighter command structure, which was first based upon various geographical zones within Germany itself. Later, on the eve of war, this structure was simplified and based on a small number of designated Luftflotten or "air fleets" -- not much different from the "groups" that the Royal Air Force had created for the defense of Britain.

Mr. Weal also profiled some of JG 2's most distinguished fighter pilots. Men like Helmut Wick, Walter Oesau (the 3rd fighter pilot in history to score 100 victories in aerial combat during 1941), Egon Mayer (who pioneered the head-on technique for tackling USAAF bomber formations over Europe and later became the first Luftwaffe fighter pilot on the Channel Front to score 100 victories), Kurt B├╝hligen, and Erich Rudorffer (who became a specialist in scoring multiple victories -- at 91, he is today the world's oldest and highest scoring ace, having achieved 222 victories in the war).

This book is ideal for anyone who is looking for an overview of one of the Luftwaffe's top fighter units of the Second World War.