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Nice Work If You Can Get It - Dean Saunders I began reading this book not knowing what to expect. But I was open to whatever it had to offer. Someone reading this review may be apt to wonder: Why would ANYONE do escort work? Well, there is a market for it --- and it doesn't just cater to the shady types of people who live on the margins or have the inability to have steady, romantic relationships. There are people like you and me, some of us out of relationships (or in an unhappy relationship) who take an overseas vacation to some exotic locale as a way of escaping from the daily drugery of a dull, ordered life. They want an interlude in which someone is willing and able to spend quality time with them and meet their emotional (and, if need be, sexual) needs.

The author, a recent university graduate from the UK, went to Spain around 2003 to make sense of his life. In the process, he worked a variety of jobs, including bartending and restaurant work til, by chance, he decided to give escorting a try. An acquaintance introduces him to Andy, a professional gigolo widely acknowledged as an expert in the business. Andy shares with the author his considerable wisdom and insights he has gleamed from the variety of women he has met. Many of these pearls of wisdom are displayed at the beginning of each chapter.

Using the name "Deano", the author builds up a sizable cliente in the Costa del Sol, where many wealthy and famous expatriates live and party. One of the most interesting stories Deano relates is when he was hired by a young, posh businesswoman (Veronica) to pretend to be her fiance for her parents' benefit because they have come to Marbella for a visit. What gives this story an added twist is that Veronica is a lesbian, and is trying so hard to keep that fact from becoming known to her parents. And... there's much more where that came from. But you'll have to read this fascinating book to find out all the juicy details. Never a dull moment, I assure you.