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Corporal Hitler and the Great War 1914-1918: The List Regiment
John F Williams
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A Fighter in My Sights - Tom Neil This is one of the BEST Second World War pilot memoirs I’ve ever read. Personable and engaging, the author (Neil) makes the reader feel very much a part of his story. Neil relates the particulars of his life from growing up in Liverpool in the 1920s and 1930s to when he gained admittance into the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR) in 1938. His love for aviation is infectious and it is fascinating to see Neil’s progression from fledging trainee to fighter pilot in 249 Squadron in May 1940, flying Hawker Hurricanes. Later that summer, Neil’s squadron was in the thick of combat during the Battle of Britain. Considering the ferocity of the Battle and that the average lifespan of an RAF fighter pilot seldom extended beyond 2 or 3 missions, Neil flew 141 missions. The book ends in late 1940, when Neil is afforded a little rest after suffering a minor wound in a flying accident.

All in all, this is a FANTASTIC story. It deepens my respect for those people --- men and women alike --- who helped, between 1939 and 1945, to save the world from fascism.