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JFK & JACQUELINE KENNEDY - America's First Star Couple in the TV Age

These Few Precious Days: The Final Year of Jack with Jackie - Christopher Andersen

From the first page, the drama conveyed in this book commands your attention and grabs it. For those of us who were not alive during the presidency of John F. Kennedy, it seems almost like a fairy tale the lives that he and his wife lived from the time of their marriage in 1953 to his assassination in Dallas 10 years later. 

This book reads almost like a novel, which may be off-putting to those readers expecting a more rigorous, scholarly narrative of events. But let me hasten to add that the author interviewed for this book scores of people --- most of them now deceased --- who knew the Kennedys intimately. (The Acknowledgement section provides a listing of all the people the author interviewed whose lives were intertwined with both Kennedys. The author also availed himself of oral histories.)  So, the book itself is robust and stands on its own. I found myself transfixed and enthralled by the photos in the book, which show the Kennedys in a variety of places throughout their married life. And though both were distinctive persons in their own right, each came to value the strengths they possessed as a couple. (Indeed, the death of their infant son Patrick in August 1963 brought them closer together.)  Anyone who enjoys reading richly textured biographies will love this book.