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Spin - Catherine McKenzie

"SPIN" was a very good story, with an equal blending of humor, emotional tensions, and solid character development. 


Normally, novels of this genre I don't read because contemporary novels don't interest me very much. But the author is an online acquaintance and for that reason, I bought the book and read it.  


The main character, Kate Sandford, is a quirky, impulsive, fun-loving woman bordering on 30 who aspires to write for a top music magazine ('The Line') in town.  But when she gets her chance for a job interview with 'The Line', she makes a mess of it, coming to the interview nursing a heavy hangover from her birthday celebration with friends the night before (when she drank herself into oblivion). 


Kate struggles for a time afterward to get some semblance of order and stability in her life before she is offered a second chance of sorts with 'The Line.'   But there's a catch:  Kate has to go to a rehab center (where a famous young actress/celebrity known as "The Girl Next Door" [TGND] is undergoing treatment) for 30 days to do a story on TGND.    Initially, Kate isn't thrilled about going into rehab.  But as 'The Line' would be footing her bill,  provided she would get the goods on TGND for them, she took this opportunity for a future with 'The Line' 


Once into rehab, the story proceeds apace and the drama is intense, surprising, and never dull.   For anyone interested in a well-written story with crisp, snappy, engaging dialogue and compelling characters, "SPIN" is it.